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Who doesn’t like a good sports car? But a place full of the sports car you love and dream in the form of exhilarating rides and consisting of the world’s biggest logo ever created? Exactly. Welcome to the world of Ferrari in Abu Dhabi. The world’s largest indoor theme park. It features a host of rides and attractions to create an unforgettable, remarkable experience. The park offers more than 17 Ferrari inspired rides and attractions. That’s not all; they have a host of exhibitions and experiences suitable for all ages along with a wide variety of Italian delicacies and unique shopping experiences.

In the meantime, get ready to experience some of the most thrilling, intoxicating rides like no other with one of the best Ferrari World Ticket deals. Head over to formula Rossa to feel the adrenaline rush of being catapulted from 0-62mph in 2 seconds! You can also get the opportunity of experiencing the G-Force of a Formula 1 racing driver as you are launched more than 200 feet into the air, after which you can see classic road and race cars in the Galleria Ferrari and learn about the famous drivers, designs and more. The little ones in the
meantime can have a wonderful time at the junior Grand Prix Driving School, by putting them behind the wheel of a scaled down racing car. This racing school for kids are dedicated to providing kids with firsthand knowledge from highly trained instructors on various activities such as racing a Ferrari, problem solving, and interactive games for toddlers. It’s a privilege for your kids and an inspiring moment for the parents. Being a huge Ferrari fan doesn’t give many the chance to actually drive a Ferrari. But guess what? Dreams do come true in here with the Ferrari World Ticket! You get todrive around Yas island in a Ferrari California, and to crown the experience you receive a lesson into how to drive the car from a Ferrari expert. By the way, you can share this experience with friends or family as the Ferrari has a space of up to two passengers in the backseat.

Moving on, for those of you who are huge fans of Ferrari, do you think you know the Ferrari so well? Put your knowledge to test in an interactive game show with incredible prizes to be won if you prove to be super Ferrari smart or better still, get crowned the fast lane champion. There is more, you also get the chance to race friends in a Ferrari F430 spider, on the circuit based on real GT race courses.Ferrari world is without a doubt the place to live the ultimate Ferrari story, from racing founder and race car driver Enzo Ferraris humble beginnings , to celebrating Ferraris revolutionary role in motorsports. Finally, at the end of the day, you do not get to go empty handed. Leave with your own miniature Ferrari from the Ferrari store or Ferrari past and present shop, to add to your collection of souvenirs which you would cherish for life with all the incredible memories and experiences you had on this particular remarkable day.