Best Desert Safaris in Abu Dhabi

Machine vs Desert: a dune-bashing experience beyond comparison

A holiday in Abu Dhabi has everything to offer an avid traveler – an ancient, intriguing culture, a modern, vibrant cityscape, and myriad natural marvels – but the trip would be incomplete without a first-hand taste of man’s triumph over the unforgiving desert environment through a thrilling desert safari.

There is no better way to experience how modern technology has tamed the harshness of the barren wilds than to hop into a powerful 4×4 Landcruiser and journey comfortably through the dunes where nomads once treaded with caution, surrounded by the haunting beauty of the eerie desertscape.

The experience is enjoyed by visitors and residents alike; for no matter how many times you race through the desert, you cannot get over the thrill of blazing a trail through the ocean of sand.

Choosing the desert safari tour that’s right for you

The perfect experience

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the desert safari will be the fix you need. The expert off-road drivers will have you screaming in excitement as they jump over the dunes and their tires kick up waves of dirt skidding down the steep slopes. If you prefer a more tranquil ride, the driver will be happy to oblige, taking you on a quiet, calming journey on which you can drink in the serene lull of the hypnotic landscape. It’s all a matter of telling your driver how you’d like your experience to go!

Also remember that if you want to enjoy the feeling of having the desert all to yourself, it’s best to choose sunrise desert safaris or morning desert tours, as these times typically have less bookings, assuring a quieter, more laid-back experience.

Please note:  Many desert safari tour operators tend to be fully booked, especially during peak season, so it is strongly advised that you make your booking well in advance to obtain the best price and avoid the disappointment of missing out.

The perfect location

If you’re looking for a tour operator for a desert safari in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, you’re likely to come across several companies that will promise you the ideal desert holiday in the UAE. Though most desert safaris offer a similar experience, the key here is to choose an operator who can provide the right level of quality at a reasonable price.

When it comes to the location of your trip, many agree that a desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a better choice than in Dubai. This is because the plains that surround Abu Dhabi, especially the Liwa Desert, offer more beautiful scenery, with towering, undulating dunes of vivid colors. Veterans of dune-bashing in Abu Dhabi will easily convince you that the experience there is the best to be had in the whole of the UAE, meaning that even if you’re in Dubai, it’s a better choice to book a desert safari in Abu Dhabi, which is only a short drive away.

The perfect tour operator

When it comes to choosing the right tour operator, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of the process for you. In evaluating the price, duration, experience, reliability, quality, and cleanliness offered by nearly every desert safari tour operator in Abu Dhabi, we can assure that your desert safari will provide the best value for your money, and above all, a memorable experience.

Sale!Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari Bus Pick Up
Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari Bus Pick Up
99.00 AED

Enjoy the desert safari Abu Dhabi with a bus pickup that will not only let you enjoy the desert but also give you the company of fellow travellers who wish to enjoy the desert.

Sale!Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi
Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi
175.00 AED

The evening desert safari abu dhabi will bring you face to face with desert vistas, thrilling activities and exciting entertainment throughout 6 hours

Abu Dhabi Sunrise Desert Safari
Abu Dhabi Sunrise Desert Safari
From190.00 AED

Enjoy Sunrise Desert safari Abu Dhabi adventure, you will head into the heart of the Abu Dhabi desert in the early morning. After experiencing a spectacular sunrise, you will enjoy a ride in a 4WD vehicle across the dunes.

Sale!Abu Dhabi Hummer Desert Safari
Abu Dhabi Hummer Desert Safari
350.00 AED

Go on an Abu Dhabi hummer safari and enjoy an evening full of Emirati fun in a traditional desert camp.

Overnight Desert safari Abu Dhabi
Overnight Desert safari Abu Dhabi
From375.00 AED

Have a wonderful time with the different phases of the desert in this exciting, thrilling and relaxing overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi.

Sale!Abu Dhabi Private Dune Dinner
Abu Dhabi Private Dune Dinner
1,600.00 AED

Enjoy a romantic dinner and have a wonderful time doing desert activities in the heart of the abu dhabi desert.