Obtain your Single and Multiple Entry Visa through leading Visa Agency in the UAE

Are you planning a visit to the UAE? You have come to the right place. We are a leading and reputed visa agent in the UAE, facilitating clients obtain their UAE visa through a simplified procedure. Our hassle-free visa processing ensures travelling at ease while creating an everlasting travelling experience. With us, travellers from any part of the world could apply their visa to the UAE while sitting in front of their computer. The entire process is at your fingertips – Get your visa delivered quickly and enjoy prompt approval.

Be it immigrants living in the UAE looking for bringing in their friends and families for vacations or tourists visiting UAE for retreats, could simply obtain friendly and secure visa services from the Desert Rose Tourism visa team. We are also competent in handling visa requests for tours within the country, airport to airport visiting visa modifications, visiting visa for children and urgent visa processing on the same day within 6 to 24 hours.

We endeavour to offer tourist visas and visiting visas at a reasonable fee according to your travelling requirements. This is why we are the UAE’s most trusted visa agency with many happy clients. Read through our descriptions and guidelines thoroughly to experience the best quality service.

Abu Dhabi Visit Visas & 90 Days Visit Visa for UAE

What are the charges involved?

Below are some of the general visa processing charges.

Normal Tourist Visa (2-3 Working days)

UAE Visa TypeAll Inclusive Rates
14 days Visa299 AED
30 Days Visa329 AED
90 Days Visa789 AED

Getting a new visa

UAE Visa TypeAll Inclusive Rates
30 Days Extension999 AED
30 days Inside country1900 AED
90 days Inside country2299 AED
30 Days Airport to Airport visa Change1099 AED
90 Days Airport to Airport visa Change1399 AED

Please note: all these rates are payable in AED which is United Arab Emirates Dirham.

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    How does your UAE visa processing work?

    Applicants should submit relevant documents physically or could email clear scanned copies of them. If documentations are complete and legally clear, then we will send them to relevant authorities to proceed. The visa will be issued on approval upon making online payments or physical transactions in advance. Once you have the visa, you are all qualified to visit UAE and go ahead and make other arrangements.


    It is necessary to plan your visit early to avoid any issues that could occur at the last moment. Each Visa to the UAE should hold a minimum of 60 days of validity period before your entry to the country. Contact us, should you need further inquiries.


    We accept online payments and over the desk transactions. Customers could request an online payment link or visit our office premises or branch counters available at hotels in Abu Dhabi to pay over the counters.


    We handle visa requests on behalf of the family members of expats living in the UAE and professionals. Therefore, a clear scanned copy of applicant’s passport and the certified passport copy of the sponsor would be required while applying.


    Once the required documents are submitted and approved, the visa will be issued. This may be sent over to applicant via email or WhatsApp.

    Necessary documents

    Here are the documents essential for processing your UAE visa request.

    • Applicants should submit a copy of their valid passport. This should be clear and preferably a colour copy of the first and last pages of your passport. The passport should bear at least six months of validity period from the date of visa request.
    • A photograph of the applicant. This should be a passport size colour photo captured in white background.

    Note: The documents will be submitted to the UAE immigration authorities for handling the request and approval. They will keep you informed via email on additional documents required for processing visa or regarding any other disputes.

    A visa could also be issued on behalf of a sponsor. An individual already with a valid visa living in the UAE could become your guarantor with Desert Rose Tourism. However, we need a clear copy of your sponsor’s UAE resident visa and other documents to proof.

    Getting a visa for UAE

    Essential information to remember

    • We recommend applying for your UAE travel visa at least 5 to 7 days before your arrival in the country.
    • Visa approval is a sole decision of the UAE Immigration authorities.
    • All the payments processed are non-refundable and cannot be reversed under any circumstances, and delayed payments will lead to visa rejection.

    These conditions are subjected to other terms and conditions not stated here.

    How long is the visa processing time?

    The usual time frame for visa processing is between 2 to 3 days. Organize your tour and days as early as possible to avoid any delays. The visa will be valid for 60 days from the date issued.

    Visa Validity

    Visa will be valid only for 60 days from the day issued. The duration of stay would be calculated from the day of arrival and the number of days approved (14, 30 or 90 days). This cannot be extended.

    What is 90 days UAE visit visa?

    This is the perfect visa category for those planning an extended stay in the United Arab Emirates. It is valid for 58 days from the date of issue and can be renewed twice for 30 days each time. The 90 days tourist visa is most popular among tourists, job hunters and family visitors. The 90 days UAE visa is considered as a regular tourist visa, which is issued by the immigration department of the UAE while hotels and travel agencies are allowed to assist visitors on the visa process.

    As a demanding visa category among tourists arriving in the UAE, 90 days visa permits, three months of stay within the country. The permitted destinations of 90 days visa covers Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

    General Guidelines

    • The Department of Naturalization and Residence in UAE operates from Sunday to Thursday every week. Fridays and Saturdays are considered as holidays.
    • The online UAE visa is a general visa issued for single entries to the United Arab Emirates. It permits travelling within the Trucial States of the country, also known as UAE’s seven Emirates within Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. A multiple entry visa may require for travelling within other destinations in the UAE. Contact us to find out more details about Multiple entry visas & Transferable Visas.
    • Female bellow 24 years and travelling alone with or without any relatives should email us their name, age, nationality, name of the country residing and a contact number.
    • We do not take responsibility for visa approval, and decision of the immigration department of UAE should be considered as final.
    • It would take approximately two to four working days for any type of visa approval. However, urgent visa requests could be processed through our express UAE visa service. Additional charges will be applicable for individuals residing in certain countries.
    • It is advisable to email or fax a scanned copy of the exit stamp page of your passport once departed from the country. This act as proof of record used to identify your departure from the UAE and avoid additional penalty charges.

    General terms & conditions for visa applicants to remember

    • The visa application charges paid to the immigration department of the UAE are non-refundable, and all the necessary payments should be paid upfront while applying for the visa.
    • The standard visa processing time would be 1-2 days. However, during certain occurrences, this may vary and take up to 10-15 days due to strict rules and regulations set by the UAE’s immigration department. Please remember, we cannot interfere with the laws and should strictly abide by them.
    • The immigration department of the UAE has the right to approve or reject any visa request.
    • Do not reserve your air tickets without any visa confirmation or unless you are informed about the approval. It is advisable to book tickets only upon visa confirmation.
    • The single entry visa permits only a single visit to the UAE, within the 60 days of validity period from the date of visa issued.
    • The 30 days visa is no longer extendable due to new rules implemented by the immigration department of UAE. (The regulations were amended with effect from January 2015)
    • Additional penalties would be charged on flight reservations made during the last days of visa validity.
    • We do require a clear scanned copy of the passport to proceed with the visa application and do not require any additional photos.
    • The minimum age limits for certain countries may differ; they are 21 years for males and 22 years for females. These countries include Morocco and Egypt, while females under 30 years cannot obtain a visa to Pakistan.
    • Birth certificates should attest children travelling with mothers.

    Frequently Asked Questions - UAE Visa

    Can I extend the tourist visa in UAE?

    Yes. Travellers can now extend their visas without departing UAE. However, you must apply for “inside country visa change” at least one week before visa expiry.

    Are there any penalty charges if I overstay?

    Yes, expired tourist visa holders will be charged 350 AED on the first day and 100 AED from the second day onwards.

    How do I obtain an Emergency visa to UAE?

    Travellers living outside UAE could seek assistance from an experienced and trusted visa agency. Your emergency visa to UAE will be processed within 1 to 2 working days.

    What is Absconding?

    Residing for more than 10 days after visa expiry will list individuals as “missing people” or “absconding”.

    What is overstaying?

    This means, residing in the UAE beyond your visa validity period. For instance; if you are on a 14 days tourist visa, you need to leave the country before your visa expires. We recommend travellers to leave the country as early as possible and at least one day before visa expiry.

    Kindly Note:

    • Visas will be issued through online eVISA system. Applicants could obtain an original copy of eVisa by making an additional payment.
    • A copy of eVisa will be provided to the visitor as soon as tickets are purchased for round trips through our website, by contacting the call centre or at any one of our branches. This will be subjected to an additional payment of 100 AED.
    • Visa cancellations can be requested through the immigration department of UAE, which is subjected to additional penalties, complied by immigration regulations.
    • Travellers may also request updates on visa messages and OK to board updates at an additional fee.
    • A copy of your approved visa will be emailed to the email address provided by the applicant.
    • Travellers are advised to take a clear printout of the electronic visa and check the accuracy of the details. If you find any disputes, report it immediately by dropping an email at visa@drtholidays.com.
    • In case of mismatching details on your visa copy and passport will lead in rejecting your entry to the UAE. It is a solitary decision of the immigration department of UAE.
    • We at, Desert Rose Tourism LLC could not be accountable for any visa rejection or whatsoever.
    • All visitors are kindly requested to go through the “Note” section printed on visa document for information regarding visa validity period, duration of stay and other vital information.