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10 Great reasons to visit Abu Dhabi in your next holiday

March 18, 2018

If you are confused or unable to decide where you want to go on your next holiday, worry not. In this post we’ll show you why Going to Abu Dhabi will be the best decision you made for this year’s vacation.

Abu Dhabi is well known for its luxury gateway and extravagant sightseeing, but there is much reason to visit Abu Dhabi, that doesn’t require any worries about going bankrupt.

From scorching desert, blissful nature, magnificent architecture, Islamic cultural splendor to year round sunshine, this multicultural city; Abu Dhabi, offers something for everyone regardless of their age and interest. The Things to Do in Abu Dhabi are always exciting, captivating and entertaining.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Abu Dhabi.

1. Remarkable Desert

The desert is one of the major parts of Abu Dhabi. Although considered dull and boring by many who haven’t experienced it, you won’t be disappointed after you get to experience the desert adventures. With its stunning landscapes and glorious sunshine an Abu Dhabi desert safari is one of the top Things to Do in Abu Dhabi. You will try dune bashing, sand boarding, quad bike rides, camel riding and so much more which would also allow you to witness a stunning sunset on the horizon, overlooking the golden sand landscapes.

2. A City for All

Abu Dhabi is certainly very generous when it comes to its genre of entertainment. You could be travelling alone, with friends, family or even be on a business trip; Abu Dhabi has something for each one of you. It doesn’t matter if you are a senior citizen or a parent with small kids, this city is sure to entertain you in every possible way imaginable.

3. Record Breaking Attractions

Sightseeing Abu Dhabi’s attractions are one of the top Things to Do in Abu Dhabi.  Be it historical or modern day attractions the architecture, structure and overall look will mesmerize you.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the city’s most beautiful building and the biggest mosque in UAE and showcases the rich Islamic culture of the city.  Ferrari world exudes modern day luxury and architectural brilliance. Whether its theme parks, zoos, cultural villages, skyline views or unique entertainment, the Things to Do in Abu Dhabi are numerous and each one gives a unique experience.

4. Rich Culture

Abu Dhabi; the Oasis of modernity; still owns a rich and charismatic culture that is well preserved. With its multicultural nature and combined nationalities, the city offers you unique opportunities to encounter memorable experiences for travellers around the world, which of course is another reason to visit Abu Dhabi.

5. Skyline

Consisting of some of the tallest and most stunning architectural wonders of the modern world, this city enables you to encounter the constantly changing panoramic view of the city’s skyline with its different shapes and sizes of the sea, desert and the city. It is definitely a sight so unique; Abu Dhabi is certainly a city second to no city in the world.

6. Luxurious Hotels

The city of Abu Dhabi is embedded with stunning hotels parading extravagant features, filled with glitz and glamour, that would seem like living in a fairy world. Visiting or staying in them will give you an unbelievable experience which is another reason why Going to Abu Dhabi is a good choice.

From amazing hotels floating on the manmade Yas Island, deluxe beach front resorts to the Palatial Emirates palace offering supreme royalty experience, Abu Dhabi is a city that makes you not want to leave.

7. Food

Food is an important aspect of the travel experience.  Abu Dhabi’s vast range of its rich cuisine and variety of different food that has strong Islamic and Middle Eastern roots is one of the main reasons Abu Dhabi should be your next holiday destination. From stuffed camels to Smokey rice to delectable Hummus, Abu Dhabi food is going to keep your taste buds craving even long after you have had them.

8. Beach and Sunshine

Are you a beach person? Then Abu Dhabi is the place for you. With its many pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and silver white sand stretches, Going to Abu Dhabi will make your beach dreams come true.

9. Shopaholics Paradise

Ever dreamed of shopping for all that you want in comfort and convenience, enjoying every moment of it? This city is your dreamland to do so. Visit any one of Abu Dhabi’s high tech, supremely deluxe malls and you can shop whatever you want from its massive range of items from makeup to electric appliances to clothes to whatever you want, all under the same roof.

10. A City that does not sleep

Abu Dhabi being a multi-cultural city it provides tourists from all over the world entertainment that fits everybody’s interest from dusk to dawn. If you are a night bird and love to have fun in the night, this city which is eligible to compete with Vegas is definitely yours to have a blast. The city is embedded with hotels, bars, dance and jazz clubs, shisha lounges and so much more, which means only one thing. You can party all night!

Now that you have an idea of all the exciting Things to Do in Abu Dhabi get in touch with us to start the preparations for your Abu Dhabi vacation.

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